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More about Natural Lighting

I’m still talking about natural lighting today… Did you know that this topic is not only about window, shades, curtain, or draperies? It is about how we can control our home lightings from the big and only free sunshine. There is a lot of these kinds of products flooding the market today that we can integrate with our home automation system. From infrared control motorized curtain, to RF or even Ethernet based.

IR Remote Control Drape
Anyway, there is something that amazed me. We can also use the fiber optic technology to perform natural lighting. With fiber optic, you don’t have to have a room that gets a direct sunlight because the sunlight is sent to you trough fiber optic. The design and looks of this kind of light is also beautiful. Take a look at these Parans lights; you can’t believe it is a natural sunlight.

Parans Natural Lighting


What is Natural Lighting Control?

In home automation, Natural Lighting control is about controlling the natural light (sun lights). This control will not involve light bulbs but involves controlling electric window shades and draperies.

There is a wide range of products can be used for this control depending on your requirements. The basic and simple way is by installing motorized window shades that can be control from your centralized controller. Regardless of which protocol you use, wired or wireless is only depends on your hardware and the ability of integration with your controller.

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